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What role does thermally pad help to dissipate power electronically?

Thermal pad is a high-performance elastic insulating material with a special film as the base material. It is mainly installed in the gap between the heating interface and its components to play the role of a thermal conductive medium. Power electronics is composed of multiple components such as the main power chip, transformer, MOS tube, PCB board, resistance and capacitance, etc., and it will emit large heat during the operation process, and the corresponding thermal interface material must be selected to conduct heat to reduce the heat Maintain the normal operation of the product.

1. Heat dissipation of thermally pad in the transformer:
Transformer power conversion will generate greater heat at the same time, and these components are installed on the PCB board in the form of plug-in, some choose to use a thermally pad between the PCB board and the shell to dissipate heat, and some will use thermally pad the temperature of the components is transferred to the heat sink. Although the selected thermal conductivity material is different, the purpose is always to lower the temperature of the heat source.

2. Heat dissipation of thermal pad in MOS tube:
In addition to the main power chip, the MOS tube is a component that generates a lot of heat. If the MOS tube has a poor heat dissipation effect, the temperature is too high, it may cause the MOS tube to burn, which may lead to the damage of the entire circuit board, so it has a higher heat dissipation The traditional heat dissipation solution is the application of thermally pad + thermally grease. At present, you can also choose to use ultra-thin high-thermal insulation sheets to isolate and then use thermal grease to dissipate heat. In addition to heat dissipation, it can also play a role in preventing electrostatic damage.

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