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What material is suitable for LED light bar?

What material potting compound is suitable for LED light bars? Considering the actual application environment and requirements of LED light bars, silicone potting compound is more suitable for epoxy resin potting compound and polyurethane potting compound. On the LED light bar, Shenzhen Tensan will talk to you specifically.

1.Silicone potting compound is more suitable for LED light bar. It has excellent light transmittance, and the hardness after curing is widely applicable to various types of flexible light bars. The light bar using silicone encapsulant also has resistance to ozone, ultraviolet rays, acids and alkalis, etc. It can be used outdoors for a long time and can not be yellowed; the only shortcoming is that the adhesion is not high.

2.The epoxy resin potting compound has excellent light transmittance, and after curing, it has a bright appearance and a rounded arc. However, once the temperature exceeds 60°C, the colloid toughness becomes poor and fractures are likely to occur; at the same time, once the temperature is below -5°C, the colloid will become hard and brittle, and the light strip will slightly shake and the colloid will peel off and embrittlement fracture.

3.Polyurethane encapsulant also has excellent light transmittance and good flexibility after curing. However, due to the limitation of hardness, polyurethane colloids cannot meet all types of flexible light bars, and the scope of use is limited. It is only suitable for soft light bars of the glue-drop type or half-tube type, and the flexibility of the light bar appears as the temperature decreases Big changes. The polyurethane material potting glue requires high environmental humidity during potting. If the humidity is too high, the product surface is prone to white fog and insufficient adhesion.

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