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The difference between adhesive structural adhesive and glass adhesive


Structural adhesives and glass adhesives are commonly used types of glue, but structural adhesives are used more in construction projects, while glass adhesives are used more in home decoration. Next, Shenzhen Tensan will talk about the difference between structural adhesive and glass adhesive from four aspects!


1. The difference in the use of structural adhesive and glass adhesive. Structural glue is a kind of thing used for structural bonding, such as sun room structure and glass bonding, daylighting roof structure and glass bonding, TV background wall wooden frame and ceramic tile connection, etc.; glass adhesive is mainly used for windows Sealing between frame and glass, sealing between window frame and wall, sealing between door frame and wall, sealing between glass and glass in conservatory, sealing between stone and stone, sealing on kitchen countertop, toilet and glass on the floor, Seal between tiles.


2. The types and colors of structural adhesive and glass adhesive. Structural adhesives are mainly divided into high-performance silicone structural adhesives and neutral transparent structural adhesives, the color is mainly black; glass adhesives are mainly divided into acidic glass adhesives and neutral glass adhesives, according to the color, there are black, white, transparent, bronze, Silver and so on.


3. Differences in the replacement and application of adhesive structural glue and glass glue. Structural glue is suitable for structural bonding, and glass glue does not have the effect of bonding between structures, the first is the sealing effect, so the two cannot be used interchangeably.


4. The viscosity difference between structural adhesive and glass adhesive. The viscosity of structural glue is stronger, mainly because the primary effect of glass glue is sealing.


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