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Which thermal grease is the best?

In the electronics industry, CPU thermal grease is an inconspicuous thing, but a big role is to achieve heat dissipation, and it is possible to achieve a temperature difference of 5 degrees or more and play a role in heat dissipation. At this time, you need to know which thermal grease works best!

1. The appearance of plain white ordinary thermal conductive silicone grease, the thermally conductive adhesive composition is mainly carbon-silicon compound, also known as carbon-silicon compound, this silicone grease has a low density of thermal conductive adhesive molecules, and the links between the molecules are loose, so its thermal conductivity The performance is not very good. But its advantage is that the manufacturing cost is low, the market price is cheap, and it is mostly insulated, unlike other silicone greases containing metal components that conduct electricity.
2. It is a kind of gold-containing thermal grease, but don't think it is a bit of gold. Now the market is relatively rare. There are also some silicone greases that are also gold, but they do not contain gold, but just the name.
3. Silver-containing thermally conductive silicone grease, that is, silver oxide compound or silver powder is added to the thermally conductive adhesive, and the strong thermal conductivity of silver is used to make up for the lack of thermal conductivity of the carbon-silicon compound. The appearance of this thermally conductive grease is gray.

In fact, no matter what kind of thermal grease is mainly based on its fluidity, thermal conductivity, especially thermal conductivity, the general thermal conductivity of thermal grease is about 5W/mk, of course, a little better 8W/mk, The thermal conductivity of the low-end golden thermal grease is as low as about 3W/mk, which is meaningless, so the thermal conductivity, fluidity, and material content can only be measured together.

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