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The importance of thermal materials

Shenzhen Tensan tells you the importance of choosing thermal conductive materials; for thermal conductivity, whether it is active or passive cooling and thermal conduction, it is very important to choose the right thermal conductive material. Good thermal conductive materials can form good thermal conductivity and effectively conduct heat from the chip As for the thermal pad, most people often ignore this problem.

The function of the heat conduction material is to increase the heat conduction and heat conduction area and form a good cooling efficiency. After good heat conduction, you may not need too many radiators such as cooling fans, but also save space and cost. Electronic devices continue to integrate more and more powerful functions into one panel. Temperature control has become one of the most important design challenges. The structure is tight and the operating space is getting smaller and smaller. Then choose the appropriate thermal conductive material to effectively discharge more The heat generated by more generators is even more important. Good thermal conductive materials can be well connected to high-power electronic components and thermally conductive silicone sheets, in order to achieve the best thermal conductivity and cooling purposes.

Based on the requirements of the electronic industry for thermally conductive materials, one of the thermally conductive materials, thermally conductive insulating sheet, has good thermal capacity and high compressibility. Its function is to fill the gap between the processor and the heat sink and replace thermal conductivity such as thermal grease. Materials, the best products for cooling systems. The thermally conductive insulation sheet can be arbitrarily cut to meet the needs of automated production and product maintenance, complete the heat transfer of heat-generating components, and also play an impact insulation and sealing effect, and can meet the requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design, combined with the practicality of new material technology Sex. This thermally conductive material is widely used and is suitable for industries such as automobiles, monitors, computers and power supplies, and electrical equipment.

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