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What are the characteristics of thermal pad?

Thermally conductive silicone pad is a soft and highly compressible sheet-like caulking material that uses gaps to transfer heat. It has a high deformation under low pressure, so that the mechanism design has extremely low stress accumulation, a wide range of thickness options, and thermal conductivity Stable performance and long service life. The ultra-soft and highly compressible properties make the thermally conductive silicone sheet also a vibration absorber. In addition to the thermal conductivity, the thermally conductive silicone sheet also plays the role of insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc. The surface of the thermally conductive silicone sheet is self-adhesive and can be installed and operated without the need for adhesive, which is very convenient to use.

Thermal conductive silicone sheet has factors:
In the use of thermally conductive silica gel sheets, both pressure and temperature are mutually restricted. With the increase of temperature, after the equipment runs for a period of time, the thermally conductive flexible sheet material softens, creeps, and relaxes in stress, and the mechanical strength will also decrease. , The pressure of the seal is reduced, and vice versa.
1. Has good elasticity and recovery, can adapt to pressure changes and temperature fluctuations;
2. It has proper flexibility and can fit well with the contact surface;
3. Does not pollute the process medium;
4. It has sufficient toughness without breaking the ring due to pressure and tightening force;
5. It does not harden at low temperature, and the shrinkage is small;
6. Good processing performance, easy installation and compaction;
7. Non-stick sealing surface, easy to disassemble;
8. Cheap price and long service life.

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