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Tensan new product line of dispensable thermal pads


In some specialized applications where heat is generated from various height components and there is a high need to dissipated the heat to a heat-sink or an external metal casing, thermal gap pads are specially designed for such applications.

These gap fill pads help eliminate air gaps between components and the heat-sink while conforming to the curvature and warp of matching surfaces. They are soft and easily of compressible to the different heights of multiple components and remain stressfree with outstanding mechanical shock absorption.


Tensan, is a leading Chinese developer and manufacturer of products for Thermal Interface Materials. Our new dispensable thermal pads developed for more cost-effective thermal management in LED lighting applications.


Our new product line of dispensable thermal pad features four grades “distinguished by varying levels of thermal conductivity with or without controlled bond line thicknesses.” TENSAN  Series thermal pads  offer thermal conductivity from1- 3.0 W/mK thermal conductivity. In addition, Tensan thermal pads incorporate glass beads for improved control over bond line thickness. 


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