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How to improve the stability of drive power?(Tensan)

  • How many types of LED lights are there?

There are many types of LED lamps on the market, including chandeliers for home lighting, cabinet lights, bathroom lights, high/low shed lights for commercial or industrial lighting, track lights, tunnel lights, linear lights, etc., as well as for urban lighting Traffic lights, street lights, spotlights, etc., including smart lamps in the application of smart technology in recent years.


  • What is the LED drive power?

            Each LED light has a big heart-LED drive power, also known as LED drive power adapter, is a driver that converts alternating current into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to emit light. Due to the function and  application characteristics of LED lamps, this determines that the drive power has different specifications and functional characteristics.

  •  What are the factors that affect the drive power?

            The working stability of the driving power determines the luminescence of the LED light source. Generally, the  main factors affecting the service life of the driving power supply are water vapor infiltration, excessive junctio temperature, environmental corrosion, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. General household lighting do not have  particularly high requirements for driving power, but the driving power of outdoor lamps and industrial lighting fixtures has relatively high industry requirements for environmental adaptability, such as three-proof function, high and low temperature resistance, and weather resistance.


  • How to improve the stability of drive power?

            The stability and service life of the drive power supply are affected by its design structure and external    environment. Under the condition of reasonable design structure, the best way is to improve the environmental resistance of the driving power supply. The drive power for high-end or special occasions will be filled with potting material-drive power potting glue. Tensan driving power potting compound is a kind of silicone packaging material, which has the advantages of high thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, high and low temperature  resistance,weather resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance. After being encapsulated in the driving power supply, not only does it not affect the normal operation of the driving power  supply, its high heat dissipation also  prevents the junction temperature of electronic components from being too high, and the high and low temperature resistance and weather resistance of tensan silicone can also ensure the long-term outdoor use of LED lamps. Through a certain reasonable structural design, and then using LED drive power potting glue, it can also expand the use environment of LED lamps, such as underwater, saline land, mines, etc.

  • How to choose LED drive power potting glue?

             There are also many material classifications and functional classifications of driving power potting adhesives in  the market, which causes confusion for customers to choose. When choosing the driving power potting compound, not only should we pay attention to its price, but also its thermal conductivity, flame retardant, aging and other parameters. Tensan power encapsulant is of high quality . Our products are exported to Europe,  Southeast Asia, South America, etc., and are warmly  welcomed by customers.Tensan is a driving power potting compound manufacturer with many years of experience in the silicone industry. We have been committed to providing customers with the best quality driving power potting compound using experience and after-sales service.


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