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The effect of heat on the LED lights


LED lights  are sensitive to temperature and performance is greatly affected by ambient temperature. Mainly in the following  aspects:

1. Excessive junction temperature can cause LED performance degradation, especially life, light color and lumen output. If the rated maximum junction temperature is exceeded, the LED’s lifetime will drop by 30% to 50% for every 10 degrees increase in operating temperature.

2. When the junction temperature rises, it will also cause obvious color drift to the high end of the spectrum (wavelength becomes longer), which has a great influence on the “white light” LED light source. Most of the so-called “white light” LEDs actually emit blue light, which turns into white light after being converted by phosphors. When the temperature rises, the blue light drifts toward the red spectrum, and the effect of the phosphor changes, and as a result, the color tone of the final light changes.

3. The last major parameter affected by the LED thermal management system is the lumen output. Increasing the current increases the lumen output of the LED, but a large current also causes an increase in heat generation. Therefore, an optimal balance must be chosen between system performance and service life when determining the current value.

In summary, excessive heat directly affects the short- and long-term performance of LED sources:

• Short-term: color drift, reduced light output

• Long-term: accelerated light decay and reduced life

Therefore, in order to obtain long-life, high-performance LED lamps, it is necessary to design an excellent cooling and cooling system. Thermal management can be said to be the most important part in the design of LED lamps. Natural (passive) and manual (active) cooling systems are often used to dissipate heat. 

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