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2600ml silicone dispenser machine

I.Application range:
Suitable for 2600ml one-component silicone with good liquidity,semi-flow silicone,sealing grease,thermal paste,silicone oil etc.
 ※The machine is equipped with power box control, which is easy managed with generous appearance and 12V safe voltage.
1. This machine is specilized for 2600ml package.which is 8 times to the tranditional package (300ml).it can meet the production line on the continuous operation, the glue can be replaced quickly and easily and avoid waste,which can Can save a lot of labor costs and glue costs.the whole machine is easy to operate and maintain with small design.
2. The pressure bucket of this product is  with seamless carbon steel material, which is more superiority compared to other materials with other materials.
3. The product feed port uses a large diameter steel pipe to send glue(generally use ordinary iron pipe, easy to rust),Varnish hose is a special custom imports of anti-oxidation hose with corrosion resistance, pressure-resistance, whose flexibility is better than the average hose.
4. the bucket lid of our company is Open mold customized siamese structure which is much safer than other aluminum lid.the thickness of the pressure bucket is 5--6mm,with install explosion-proof barrel base and outer cylinder it has greatly enhance the safety and reliability of pressure vessels.
5.The machine is equipped with well-known brand pneumatic components,which has low repair rate with more reliable quality.
6. The machine is equipped with automatic pressure relief function, when the air pressure is greater than 7KG, the pressure tank will automatically pressure relief.
7. Equipped with the company's special suction-type large-volume silicone professional dispensing valve, using Japanese imports sealing materials, it is with compression, corrosion resistance,fast operating, and designed with excellent mechanical suction device , it will not produce drawing after closing.;

8.Control switch can be selected according to operational requirements--manual or pedal , the standard is the manual switch with more humane operation.

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