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Silicone Elastomer BlackTS9955

Product Description
Features & Benefits of Silicone Elastomer Black TS9955
Two component silicone used for bonding, sealing and coating protection of electronic components. Mainly used for LED lighting potting.
1REACH, ROHS certified
2 Excellent adhesion
3No corrosion, high insulation
Application of Silicone Elastomer Black TS9955
1.LED Lighting encapsulation
2.Power supply
5.Industrial control
Description of Silicone Elastomer Black TS9955
Tensan silicone elastomer consists of two liquid components A and B. When the two components are thoroughly mixed at a weight ratio of 1:1, the mixed liquid will solidify into a flexible elastomer at room temperature. The duration of application  and the curing time at room temperature are independent of the amount of material.
Packing Information of Silicone Elastomer TS9955
1. For mix ratio 10:1
A 20KG / B 2KG
Storage andValidity of Silicone Elastomer Black TS9955
Stored in room temperature, and in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
Shelf life: 6 month

Typical Properties of Silicone Elastomer Black TS9955

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