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silicone potted glue

Silicone potted adhesives are divided into two-part compaction and two-part addition molding, while the shrink-type is rich in color, black, white, and transparent. Can be used in LEDs, electronic components, and circuit boards, plus molded flame retardant and high-temperature resistance performance are better, can be used in automotive electronics, transformers.
Silicone potted gel after being cracked by external forces can automatically heal, waterproof performance and moisture resistance performance will not be affected, which is not comparable to other types of potted glue.

The long-term effective protection of sensitive circuits and electronic components by silicone potted glue undoubtedly plays an increasingly important role in today's sophisticated and demanding electronic applications, and the two-component silicone potting material is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Silicone potting material has stable discectomy insulation, which is an effective guarantee to prevent environmental pollution and can eliminate the stress caused by shock and vibration in a large temperature and humidity range.

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