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What are the significant advantages of tensan silicone?

tensan Irrigation glue manufacturers tell you that silicone potted glue is good adhesive products, its performance advantages outstanding, gradually recognized by the industrial field, has been widely used in precision electronic components, solar energy, and other devices bonding irrigation.
1, Good bonding strength: can be applied to a variety of materials, Strong adhesion.
2, Good thermal conductivity: due to the use of excellent thermal conductivity of the material made, so that the thermal conductivity reached more than 0.8, suitable for many high-temperature areas. For example, high temperatures above 200 degrees C can still work properly, will not be affected by high temperatures, and shorten the service life.
3, Good insulation ability: not only can insulate flame retardant, but also anti-seismic dust, suitable for outdoor use.
4, Good anti-aging ability and Good weather resistance: Applicable to any work environment,  strong adaptive capacity. It is resistant to ozone and chemicals and lasts longer. After being blown by the wind and rain, it can also play a protective sealing role.

5, The rubber layer is elastic: when the silicone potted adhesive is completely cured, will not easily produce a contraction, forming a protective film. If the protected components need to be repaired, they can be removed directly, convenient, and simple.

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