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potting sealant

Note for electronic potting sealant: after mixing, the product will gradually solidify, its viscosity will gradually increase, and some heat will be released; The more the glue mixed together, the faster the reaction will be, the faster the curing speed will be, and maybe accompanied by the release of a lot of heat. Please pay attention to control the amount of the glue at one time, because the reaction is faster, its available time will be shortened, the mixed glue solution will be used up in a short time as far as possible; Serviceable time: refers to the time when the viscosity of 100g mixed glue solution doubles under the condition of 25℃. It is not after the serviceable time, the glue solution must not be used.

Storage and packaging of electronic potting sealant: the product shall be kept in a ventilated, cool and dry place with a sealed shelf life of six months. 

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