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How to select thermal silicon grease for LED lamps

How to select thermal silicon grease for LED lamps
The silicone grease used for LED lamps is different from the silicon grease used for CPU radiators. LED lights are generally used for a long time, especially some outdoor lighting, the working time is usually more than 10 hours. At this time if the choice of thermal silicone grease is not right, is very affect the life of the lamp.
Why do you coat it with heat-conducting silicone grease?
First of all, the main reason for LED lamp failure is the heat dissipation problem, burning off the lamp beads. Actually, the stand or fall that comes loose heat, it is the material that depends on the radiator. The thermal conductivity of copper is higher than that of aluminum. However, when considering the cost, more manufacturers choose an aluminum substrate. As a heat dissipation medium, the better the thermal conductivity is, the more temperature is derived, playing a cooling role.
LED thermal conductive silicone grease
Commonly known as LED cooling paste, LED cooling silicone grease is a thermally conductive material with low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and high softness. Products have low oil at the same time from (tends to zero), high and low-temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone, weathering resistance, good thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation and use of stability, low viscosity, and good use stability, can be in between - 50 ℃ ~ 240 ℃ when used long-term state of mount Tai, the contact of metal materials (copper, steel, aluminum) non-corrosive effect.
Selection criteria:Thermal conductivity(W/m.K)
The lamp below 1:10 w uses 1.0 or 1.3 commonly enough, what some do low-end product on market went even with 0.8 coefficient
2:10 W -30 watt, can use 1.6- 1.8.
3:30 w to 50w, the basic choice of gray is better, more than 2.0
4:50 to 100W, preferably a gray 2.5 or 3.0

If it is a patch lamp bead, since the calorific value is lower than that of the lamp bead, a grade lower than the corresponding wattage can be selected. Of course, if the product quality requirement that does is tall, according to the above 4 will choose the corresponding product is best.

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