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What is the difference between thermal conductive adhesive and thermal conductive paste?

1. Different properties: the thermal conductive adhesive is a single-component, thermally conductive, room temperature cured silicone adhesive sealant. Thermal paste is a material used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink.
2. Different thermal conductivity coefficient: thermal conductivity coefficient of thermally conductive adhesive and thermal conductive paste: thermal conductive adhesive can achieve 2.0W/m.K at the lowest, and thermal conductive paste can achieve 1.0W/m.K at the highest.
3. Different insulation: thermal conductive paste has better insulation performance than thermal conductive adhesive.
1, in order not to lose the ideal sealing viscose effect, it is best to clean and dry the surface before using thermal adhesive.
2. Cut the nozzle to the ideal size according to the dispensing position.
3, If it is bonded or sealed, the width of the glue joint is at least 0.2mm, the air in the joint should be exhausted.
4, Adhesive cracks to maintain the hose tilt 45 degrees, the glue into the crack, the glue will not be due to self-weight and sagging.

5. Curing time: place the coated parts on the bumpy place, do not move at will before curing. The curing time varies with the ambient temperature and humidity, usually 10-60 minutes, 24-hour curing, and the strength is completely reached 3-4 days later.

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