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How to select high quality thermal conductive silicone grease

Thermal conductive silicone grease is widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, security equipment, aerospace, instrumentation, lighting, and other industries, and is an indispensable material, a simple role is to extend the service life of products. The following characteristics can be used to select stable thermal conductive silicone grease.
I. Degree of fineness
Superior thermal conductive silicone whether smooth, can be identified from several aspects, such as uniform colloid, color bright, easy to operate, colloid without coarse ore particles, and so on the surface, so the choice of thermal conductivity silicone exterior indicators, operational is the first step for determining thermal conductivity silicone quality, if a thermally conductive silicone gel uneven, some local thin, some local thickening or difficult uniform operation, will be led to the decrease of the heat dissipation effect, so it is very important to thermal conductive silicone delicate degree.
2. Oil separation degree
Oil separation is a guide to the amount of silicon oil precipitation after the hot silicone grease is maintained at a certain temperature for a certain time, and is an index to evaluate the stability of thermal conductive silicone grease. Many users found that a layer of oil appeared on the upper layer of some heat-conducting silicone grease after being used for a period of time, indicating that this heat-conducting silicone grease was relatively poor in storage stability. If there was no special process for stirring and dispersing, the heat dissipation and operability of the products would be reduced.
3.Heat resistance

The heat-resisting property of heat-conducting silicone grease refers to that heat-conducting silicone grease can maintain its excellent performance under the condition of being heated and maintain a long service life. As we all know, products with heat-conducting silicone grease can generally be used in a high-temperature environment. The better the heat-resisting property of heat-conducting silicone grease is, the longer it will be used.

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