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What are the characteristics of electronic sealants? Is it widely used? What should I pay attention to?

What are the characteristics of electronic sealants?
1, No corrosive, will not harm the protection objects.
2. Good liquidity, direct access to the gaps, easy to learn the operation process.
3. Good adhesion, can be bonded with different materials.
4, high and low-temperature resistance performance is good, can be used in the environment of minus 50 degrees to 200 degrees for a long time, almost no problem. It can be used in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, ship, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed railway, and other industries.
5.Effectively prevent the influence of moisture, moisture, and dust on objects, and make them work in a stable and safe environment.
Are electronic sealants widely used?
It can be bonded with electronic and electrical equipment to play the role of sealing and waterproof; It can be bonded with metal materials to avoid dust and moisture on the objects; Effectively prevent electronic components from being affected by external vibration; The flame retardant equipment is fixed to make it better resistant to high and low temperature.
What should I pay attention to when using electronic sealant?
The adhesive is not dangerous, but can not directly contact the eyes and skin. To avoid discomfort, it is recommended to keep the working environment ventilated.
Before using it, it's best to test it on a small scale to see how it works.
If you want to change the performance of the adhesive, you need to carry out specific tests. Do not change the mix unless necessary.

Most of the electronic sealants are used in the industrial field and play a good role. Performance testing should be done if other requirements are not available. So that adhesive is applied on the appropriate occasions, to display a variety of properties.

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