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How to accelerate silicone curing? What can be done?

Silicone is a moist air vulcanized sealant, the sealant can not be cured by heat, can only take other measures,specific measures are as follows:
1. Because silicone depends on wet air for vulcanization, it can be applied in an environment with high air humidity, which is faster than curing in a dry environment.
2. Silicone solidifies slowly in a low-temperature environment. On the contrary, it can solidify rapidly in a high-temperature environment, and the solidification environment can be changed to achieve the purpose of rapid solidification.

3, Because Silicone depends on wet air vulcanization, if the thick layer of adhesive, deep glue solution can not contact with wet air as soon as possible, unable to complete the purpose of rapid curing, you can finish the vulcanization in the first layer after the injection of adhesive, so that the injection layer has not changed, but also can achieve the purpose of rapid curing.

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