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Why use glue?

"Silicone Adhesive", a liquid or Glue, is Adhesive. Paste is refers to the material in the liquid state, two or more materials mixed, after a certain way of curing, with enough adhesive strength of the material.
Silicone is widely used in industrial production. For electronic products, the existence of Silicone is essential.
Why use glue?
Glue has many advantages in the assembly of parts:
1) The whole surface of the glue coating, can bear a larger load, so for some small bonding area, the use of glue is more appropriate, and the traditional rivet screw welding technology is difficult to achieve;
2) It can bond different kinds of materials and has a wide application range;
3) Lightweight structure and beautiful appearance;
4) Can play a sealing role, good weather resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance, etc.;
5) The process operation is relatively simple and the relative cost is not very high;
6) Fill in a variety of functional materials to create a variety of composite functional products, such as thermal conductivity, etc.

So in electronic products, there is a lot of use of glue, especially micro products, such as camera modules, fingerprint modules, headphones, speakers and so on, as well as the narrow border window adhesive, liquid crystal sealing, thermal gel.

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