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The best way to use thermal conductive adhesive

Proper use of thermal conductive adhesive can bring out the best effect.
1, Design seal interface must pay attention to
When heat conducting adhesive is used, the width and depth of the interface should be larger than the depth of the mouth. In this way, there can be a certain degree of space for moving out of the interface, which is of great benefit to the adhesion and the firmness of adhesion.
2, It is necessary to do adhesive treatment to keep the surface clean
When we need to glue the type of things as smooth as glass on the plane, if there is a dirty thing, to solve it, so still need a clean rag to wipe clean, the bonding effect will be better.
3, After agglutinate content is good, need to have certain stop time
In fact, all of the heat conduction glue after use is to make glue content parked for a period of time, such as the need to rest for 48 hours, because it will have the effect of the adhesive material guarantee, however, use Tensan heat conduction glue the difference is that 48 hours, if not to touch the binding interface, also do not use any detergent to clean it and then bond will reach the highest efficiency assurance.

Also, it is worth mentioning that damage to the joint is normal and inevitable, as long as you remove the damaged part, clean the surface, and then apply the Tensan thermal conductive adhesive.

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