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What is the sealant adhesive? Characteristics and application of epoxy resin sealant

Sealing adhesive referred to as sealant, is a multi-purpose functional material with adhesion and sealing performance at the same time. It can prevent internal gas or liquid leakage, with good sealing protection characteristics, and can prevent external dust, moisture, moisture, dirt, and chemicals, such as inward invasion, protect the stability of the device, and can prevent mechanical vibration, impact damage or to achieve the effect of sound insulation. The general sealant can be deformed with the shape of the sealing surface, not easy to flow, and has a certain adhesion. It is made of asphalt, tar, rubber, and functional resin, such as dry or non-dry viscous material for the machine material, and add a variety of complex agent. The sealant can be divided into elastomer sealant, liquid sealing gasket, and sealing putty three categories. Widely used in civil construction, electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, and transportation equipment, and other fields of parts of the seal. Therefore, sealant for solving running, risk, drop, leakage is an indispensable important material, plays an important role in modern science and technology, and the national economy.

Epoxy resin sealant is a sealant based on epoxy resin, which has excellent sealing property and high adhesive bonding strength. It is widely used in aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, optoelectronics, electromechanical, automobile and motorcycle parts, machinery, civil engineering, and other fields of high vacuum and high air tightness sealant bonding, packaging, and protection. Liquid sealant with epoxy resin as sealant base material has been widely used in various production fields. Because epoxy resin has the following unique advantages: (1) strong cohesive force, the molecular structure of the epoxy resin fat hydroxyl (- CH -) and ether chain these polar groups, the epoxy resin and the interface between adjacent to produce electromagnetic attraction, the epoxy group can be generated and metal-containing active hydrogen reaction chemical bonds, so the material such as metal, glass, plastic, ceramic has good adhesive force. Small shrinkage: it does not produce by-products in the curing process, will not produce bubbles. For the curing of pure resin, its shrinkage rate is less than 2%, after adding filler, can be reduced to about 1%. ⑶ Good stability: can be stored for a long time without deterioration. (4) Good medium resistance: resistance to general acid and alkali and organic solvents. ⑸ Low creep: under long-term stress, no deformation or minimal deformation. The technology is good: choose different curing agents and add other resins, rubber, and fillers to achieve modification, can make epoxy resin curing at room temperature or low-temperature conditions, can also be fast solidification.

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