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AB glue use steps, AB glue use process what should be paid attention to?

AB glue is two liquid mixed hardening glue another name, A liquid is this glue (resin component or A component), A liquid curing agent/hardener (B component), two liquid mixing to cure/hardening, AB glue is A two-component adhesive name. Common AB glue epoxy resin AB glue, polyurethane AB glue, silicone AB glue, acrylic AB glue, other structural AB glue, and so on.
What is the correct procedure for the general use of AB glue?
1. Appliances: it is recommended to use a container with a hard wall and a wide and flat mixing tool (a professional mixing machine is better) to ensure that the appliance is dry and free of foreign bodies, and to clean the appliance as soon as possible after adjusting the glue (alcohol or detergent can be used to clean the appliance).
2, ratio: AB component glue shall be mixed according to the weight ratio (this weight ratio will be clearly marked by the manufacturer), deviation is recommended to be less than 5%.
3, mixing: after the glue ratio is mixed, the mixing should be fully uniform to ensure that all parts of the container should be stirred in place (there is no special limit on the mixing time, and all parts can be fully mixed, and the same color and concentration of all parts can be determined as uniform); It is recommended to vacuum the potting sealant after mixing so that the appearance and performance of the potting sealant are better.
4. Glue: the glue with a long operation time will be better when the glue is put for a few minutes after mixing. The bonded or potted parts of the product should be kept clean and dry (except for underwater bonding glue). When the potting line is dense or large products, it is recommended to potting in two to three times, so as to reduce the possibility of bubbles appearing.
5. Curing: after glue point/filling, put it in a leveling, ventilated, and cool place to let it solidify naturally; If you want to warm and solidify, it is best to put the heating in 10-30 minutes after the point/irrigation. The heating method is best to use the slow heating method. It can also be heated in temperature segments (bake at a low temperature until the beginning of solid and then bake at high temperature).
6, other: filling and sealing type AB glue can be used glue machine, dispensing machine, needle operation, adhesive type AB glue can be used AB hose, dispensing machine, needle, plastic bag operation
What should I pay attention to during the use process?
1. Keep the sizing part clean and dry; Use glue before a small amount of trial to master skills;
2. Keep the workplace cool and ventilated, and people with allergies should try not to operate directly or do a good job in relevant protection;
3. This product has slight irritation to eyes and skin, if accidentally splashed into eyes, please immediately wash with plenty of water, in serious cases, please seek medical advice immediately; Skin can be wiped off with soapy water or alcohol;
4. The glue stored for a long time (within the shelf life) should be fully stirred before use.
5, the speed of glue curing is related to the amount of glue and the environmental temperature. The more glue and the higher temperature, the faster the curing will be. Therefore, the amount of glue should be reasonably adjusted according to the actual glue to prevent waste;
6, the matching proportion should be in accordance with the provisions of the weight ratio, can not be adjusted at will or have a large error, AB components should be fully mixed and stirred evenly, so as not to cause glue curing or incomplete curing;
7, curing agent ingredients have the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture absorption will cause serious curing surface is not only or produce oil surface, but this time also choose the appropriate heating can avoid this phenomenon; Curing agent storage to seal;

8, glue can not be mixed with other solvents or liquids, so as not to produce unpredictable product problems.

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