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What are the common problems in the construction of electronic potting sealant? How to cope?

Electronic potting glue will encounter a variety of problems in the construction, after all, electronic potting glue belongs to chemicals, in the construction by temperature, water vapor and operation process and other reasons, resulting in a lot of problems. Understanding these reasons will help to smooth the construction and avoid rework.
Common problems in the construction of electronic potting sealant:
One, after curing the surface is too sticky, not completely cured. In this case, it is often caused by inaccurate weighing or uneven mixing. There are times in order to speed up curing, carefully add some curing agent, which leads to this situation after curing.
Rescue method:
1, in strict accordance with the construction requirements of the construction, especially for AB component weighing, must be accurate, do not change without authorization.
2.When mixing the glue, it is necessary to stir it thoroughly. In this way, the raw materials in the glue solution can be dispersed in the glue solution after the two are mixed.
Two, curing time is too long, more than 24 hours expected. In this case, it is likely that the curing temperature is too low. Because the two-component potting sealant requires high curing temperature, it has the characteristics of faster temperature and faster curing.
Rescue method:
1, as far as possible in the constant temperature construction, so that it will not affect the curing, about 24 hours after the complete curing.
2.It can be heated and cured, and the parts after the potting can be prevented from being heated in the environment. It can make the glue react quickly, so as to form the effect of rapid curing.
Three, there are impurities in the glue solution after curing. The adhesive with impurity has poor bonding strength, poor waterproof effect, and no guarantee for other properties.
Rescue method:
1. For the problem of impurity after glue solidification, it may be that there are impurities mixed in the raw material of glue. We can cooperate with brand companies to use it more at ease.

2. It may also be caused by impurities on the surface of the substrate during the construction process. Before the construction of the need to check the substrate, to ensure that the substrate is clean, so as to avoid.

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