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Application mechanism of silicone potting sealant

Silicone potting sealant is commonly used as heat conduction, heat dissipation, sealing, and seismic materials in electronic components. Heat conduction sealing refers to the pasting of all components on the PCB circuit board so that the heat generated on the components of the PCB can quickly spread to the external thermal conductive substrate (aluminum or thermal ceramics, etc.) through the heat conduction sealing glue, and finally directly transferred to the external environment. 
Application and characteristics of silicone potting sealant
Thermal sealing glue is A two-component package material, consisting of A and B parts. It has good fluidity before curing, low linear shrinkage stress when curing at room temperature, excellent electrical insulation performance, excellent aging resistance, hydrophobic and moisture-proof sealing performance after curing, and excellent heat transfer, no corrosion on various substrates. At present, it has been widely used in heat conduction sealing of LED lamps and heat conduction insulation sealing of other electronic components.

Because LED products have been widely used in outdoor lightings, such as tunnel lights, street lamps, and so on, these products will come into contact with water vapor, acid rain, and other harsh conditions in the process of use, which requires PCB circuit boards and electronic components to be insulated, moisture-proof, leak-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and other requirements. Waterproof coating on the circuit board surface is mainly used to protect the circuit board and related equipment from environmental erosion, thus improving and prolonging their service life, to ensure the use of safety and reliability. The advantages of silicone potting sealant in the application of electronic components are as follows: elastic can withstand drastic temperature changes, excellent weather resistance, strong adhesion, excellent electrical properties, and other soft elastic coating materials, can release pressure well, high-temperature resistance of 200℃, easy to repair.

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