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Heat conduction paste is not good daub, can you dilute it by yourself?

Heat conduction paste bad daub how to do?
Thermal paste belongs to the paste state, no viscosity but good viscosity can be attached to the surface of the substrate after evenly coated will not appear flowing phenomenon. The paste grease is more viscous and not good for construction. At this time, you can gently scrape the CPU surface paste grease with the help of the scraper, and you can also take plastic gloves and press it gently with your fingers. At present, there are two kinds of syringe packaging and canning on the market. Syringe packaging is more convenient for construction.
Heat conduction paste is not good daub can self dilution?
Thermal paste can not be diluted by itself. At present, the common dilution materials on the market are low viscosity silicone oil and methyl silicone oil. If the measurement is not well grasped in the dilution process, the thermal conductivity coefficient will be easily affected and the thermal conductivity effect will be reduced.
If the heat conduction paste is wrong or reasonable at the edge of the construction stage, it can be directly wiped clean with a dust-free cloth or paper towel. Can not be used in the vicinity of the exposed relay, to avoid the differentiation of silicone oil pollution, resulting in power connection.

High thermal conductivity needs to be stirred evenly before construction to avoid the precipitation of paste raw materials. During construction, pay attention to the presence of bubbles on the paste surface, otherwise, it will affect the heat dissipation performance. It can be avoided by pressurizing or vacuuming.

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