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Treatment of common problems of silicone potting sealant

1. The problem of slurry outflow when sizing is stopped
Cause analysis: usually hand pressure glue gun is through the glue guns to pressure, the driveshaft forward and make the mucilage out to complete the construction process, it is to choose a thin bottle series of products, so in the process of the glue bottle can produce certain expansion, due to stress, such as in use process, if only to stop on the pressure of the glue guns, thin bottle by the recovery of expansion and contraction of the original, plus glue guns "drive shaft" inertia and thrust forward, even if the glue gun to stop pressure, cement glue will continue to drain, so can bring inconvenience to be subcontracted, more will affect construction quality. 
Solution: when use, because of the need to stop construction glue, should immediately with the hand quickly press the glue guns spring parts of iron (usually we use glue gun hand thumb lightly press), which can put forward "drive shaft" inertia reduced to zero, because of the bottom cover to stop compression, recovery plastic bottles of expansion shrinkage stress, can make the bottom cover backward slightly back, this will greatly reduce the probability of mucilage outflow.
2. Now some glass glue reacts with the adhesive strip on the market and turns yellow
Cause analysis: this is mainly caused by the reaction between glass adhesive and PVC adhesive strip. Nowadays, some businesses add more calcium carbonate materials to PVC adhesive strips to reduce costs. Calcium carbonate will react with silicone adhesive, and there will be a yellowing phenomenon, which is mainly the reason for the adhesive strip. The worse the quality of the glass glue, the greater the range of yellowing. 
Solution: To avoid this problem completely, it's best not to use tape; Or choose a good adhesive strip, good glass glue. At the same time, we emphasize that it is better to do a compatibility test before engineering glue, to see whether the glass glue used is soluble with other materials before deciding whether to use it or not.
3. Condensed silicone potting sealant curing speed is slow, heating no improvement
Reason analysis: the curing speed of condensed silicone depends on the catalytic dose, and the temperature is not related. 

Solution: appropriate to add more curing agent, but not too much.

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