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Can I dilute the thermal paste by myself if it is not easy to apply?

Thermal conductive grease is mainly used for heat dissipation, mainly filling between CPU and heatsink in order to play the expected heat dissipation performance, to avoid the CPU can not timely heat dissipation and burn, this material presents a paste state, without waiting for the curing can be the next construction. Some users find that the nature of the thermal grease is sticky and will not work, can I dilute it myself?
What if the thermal paste is not easy to apply?
Thermal conductive paste is a paste, which is not sticky but has good adhesion and can be attached to the surface of the substrate, and will not flow after being applied evenly. If the paste is sticky and not easy to work, you can use a scraper to gently scrape the surface of the CPU, or you can put on plastic gloves and gently press it with your fingers. At present, there are two kinds of syringe packaging and cans on the market, syringe packaging is more convenient for construction. If you choose Tensan's thermal paste, you can customize the consistency according to the requirements of the product you are using, so that you can match the construction to a greater extent.
Can I dilute the thermal paste by myself if it is not easy to apply?
It is not possible to dilute the thermal conductive paste by yourself. The common dilution materials on the market are low viscosity silicone oil and methyl silicone oil, which can easily affect the thermal conductivity and reduce the thermal conductivity if the measurement is not grasped during the dilution process.
Thermal conductivity paste in the construction stage if the construction error or reasoning edge parts, you can directly wipe clean with a dust-free cloth or paper towels directly. It can not be used around the place with bare relays to avoid pollution caused by the differentiated silicone oil, resulting in even electricity.

Thermal conductivity high in the construction before the need to mix evenly to avoid paste grease raw materials precipitation, in the construction of the paste grease surface should not appear bubbles, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation performance. It can be avoided by taking pressure or vacuum bubble discharge.

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