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What happened to the flow of one-component sealant construction? Does it have much to do with quality?

The sealant is a kind of glue that can change shape with the shape of the sealing surface, the main characteristic of this glue is that it is not easy to flow and convenient for construction. After curing, it can not only play the role of sealing, but also has good adhesive performance, but during the construction, the one-component sealant is thin and has the phenomenon of flowing, is it related to the quality?
One-component sealant construction flow phenomenon how?
The main reason for this situation is that the plasticizer content in the glue is relatively small, plasticizer has high elasticity and elongation, to ensure that the glue has good elasticity and tensile rate after curing, encountering high temperature is not easy to occur thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon. If the plasticizer content is too much, it will reduce the tensile strength and corrosion resistance of the film, and the hardness of the adhesive will be reduced after testing. If you choose Tensan's sealant, you can customize the hardness according to the requirements of the product used, so that the construction can be matched to a greater extent.
Does the quality of a one-component sealant have much to do with the flow?
One-component sealants of different sizes and brands are used in different fields, and those that do not flow easily are more convenient to work with.
The good quality one-component sealant is paste-like and will appear half-collapsed after construction, but it will not flow easily to pollute the substrate components, and there will be a slight alcoholic smell during construction, which will disappear completely after it is fully cured, and it will not corrode the substrate and has no effect on the human body.
One-component sealant curing from the surface to the inside, fully cured in about 24 hours, before fully cured, can not move the substrate to prevent bonding misalignment. After 7 days of complete curing, the properties tend to be stable, and the temperature resistance and insulation performance are better.

One-component sealant on the construction of the substrate cleanliness requirements are relatively high, the substrate surface if there are water, dust, and other impurities, directly affect the curing bonding strength and sealing.

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