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Why should we do a compatibility test when using sealant? What should I do if it becomes hard?

Why is it necessary to do a compatibility test?
There is a possibility that the sealant is compatible with the bonded object, so do a good compatibility test to see if it can be tested properly. If the test result proves that the adhesive is incompatible with some base materials, even if it can show various properties, it cannot be tested normally. At that time, there is no big problem to use, time will appear the respective problems. For example, color loss or peeling, leaving safety hazards. Do the compatibility test in advance to ensure that the adhesive plays a better bond for long term use.
What should I do if the sealant becomes hard when I use it?
When the adhesive is exposed to moisture in the air, it starts to cure slowly. If the adhesive becomes hard, you can clean the hardened part and use the part that is not hardened. If all of it hardens, it loses its value for further use. To avoid waste, it should be sealed properly. It does not matter if the sealant port hardens during storage, it does not affect normal use after removal.
How to choose the right sealant?

The sealant on the market has the difference between high quality and poor quality, and the adhesive that can perform properly can be selected by observation and touch.

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