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What are the three main characteristics of silicone rubber? What are the real advantages of using it?

When using  silicone rubber, you need to pay attention to the specific characteristics of this adhesive to understand the real value of use. For this adhesive, there are three main characteristics, which are recognized by the majority of users and are suitable for use in many fields.
What are the three characteristics of 704 silicone rubber?
1, durable sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof. When bonding electronic components, 704 silicone rubber can well block the entry of moisture and humidity. Even if used in dark and humid places, it can also protect the normal work of components. It will be sealed up for a long time from the influence of moisture and water.
2、Resist hot and cold alternation. During use, 704 silicone rubber can adapt to the alternating hot and cold environment. Not afraid of wind and sun during the day, not afraid of the cold at night. It can be used for a long time in an environment of -60 to 250 degrees.
3、Good insulation, effectively prevent leakage. It is used in electronic components and electrically charged products sealing, can effectively play insulation sealing and other effects, refuse to leak, reduce the chance of accidents.
What are the advantages of 704 silicone rubber?
1, the construction method is simple, saves time and effort. The use of the process, direct squeeze rubber can avoid waste, will not easily damage other parts.
2, saving and environmental protection. Choose high-quality products, according to the amount to adjust the mouth of the rubber, reasonable control of the amount of rubber to avoid waste. The use of almost no pollution of the environment, almost no harm to the body of the construction workers.

Besides, when using 704 silicone rubber, it can be applied without dead ends. Regardless of whether the volume of the parts is large or small, it is possible to implement a 360-degree application to avoid the appearance of foot washing. Follow the correct method to apply and try not to cause the waste or affect the aesthetics of the appearance. Clean off the excess adhesive in time to look good and durable.

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