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What is the reason for the dry glue phenomenon of transparent potting adhesive? What should I do if air bubbles appear during extrusion?

Different users have different habits of using adhesives and may encounter different problems. Some users find the phenomenon of dry glue when they operate. Find the reasons and solutions for the appearance of dry glue, and do not cause waste as much as possible.
Why does the transparent potting adhesive sometimes appear dry glue phenomenon?
If the dry glue phenomenon occurs in unopened adhesives, it means that there is a problem in the packaging process. It takes some time from loading to packing, and after contact with air, dry glue will appear. Please check the packaging before purchase and try not to have dry glue.
If the adhesive has been opened, there is a possibility that the seal is not timely enough. Once the adhesive joint is exposed to air from the time of opening to the second seal, there is a possibility of a dry glue phenomenon.
Why bubbles appear when extruding?
1、Storage temperature is too low. When the storage temperature of the adhesive is low, many bubbles will be formed. To avoid bubbles, it is recommended that the storage temperature should not be lower than 0 degrees.
2、There is a problem when canning. When canning normally, there is a possibility of small bubbles. This operation is inevitable and will not affect the performance of the adhesive. If there is a large bubble, indicating that the construction process is not correct, needs to be corrected in time.
When small bubbles appear during extrusion, they do not have much effect on the overall pouring effect. If there are large bubbles, it is necessary to use vacuum equipment for debubbling to avoid affecting the curing effect.

Some users ignore the cause of bubbles and do not remove them in time, resulting in substandard quality of the adhesive layer. Find the reason for the appearance of bubbles and do a good job of prevention. Defoam if necessary, does not affect the adhesive layer and does not limit the performance.

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