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Are there any advantages of electronic potting adhesives? What should I pay attention to when using?

Some electronic potting adhesives are hard after curing, and some products are soft. Can not simply judge which adhesive is better, according to the use of the situation to choose hard or soft products. Play a good bonding, play a protective role.
Are there any advantages of electronic potting adhesive?
Choose a high-quality adhesive, with good adhesion, can be directly attached to the bonding object; good resistance to high and low temperatures, adaptability to the working temperature is strong, almost no cracking or peeling; moisture and water resistance is good, from the influence of water vapor, to extend the use of components.
Besides, the electronic potting adhesive can conduct heat and insulation, will be isolated from corrosive substances, to resist external vibration and impact, especially durable.
What should I pay attention to when using electronic potting adhesive?
Before use, electronic potting adhesive exists in the liquid state. With good fluidity, it enters the gap and completes the filling and sealing. When using, according to the amount of glue to mix, do not save time and a lot of mixing glue. When the mixing amount is too large, it will lead to shorten the operable time and may cause waste.
After pouring, it needs to be placed in a safe and clean environment for curing, free from impurities and moisture. If it is affected by impurities, air bubbles will appear, which will reduce the quality of the adhesive layer and prevent it from being used properly. When it is completely cured, it can play a variety of performance without worries.

No matter what kind of electronic potting adhesive, you should pay attention to various operational matters. Follow the correct process to reduce the possibility of problems as much as possible. After proper potting, the adhesive will have a chance to show various properties for long-term use.

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