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Why won't the sealant cure? How can I solve the problem of non-curing?

When using the sealant, there is a possibility that it does not cure. When it does not cure properly, it will affect the performance of various properties and even lose its use-value. Know the causes of non-curing and the correct way to deal with it, and use it with confidence.
One-component products do not cure the reasons
For one-component adhesives, proper heating will help to improve the curing effect. Once not fully cured, you need to see if the heating is done in the right way and if the curing time is long enough?
Reasons for non-curing of two-component products
It is possible that the ratio of AB agent is not standardized or not fully stirred after mixing, it may not be cured properly. In addition, we have to see how long the curing time is, there is not enough time left for curing, and then see how thick the adhesive layer, the thicker the layer, the longer the curing time required.
How to solve the problem of adhesives do not cure?
1, reasonable deployment of AB agent ratio, mostly in accordance with the weight ratio for deployment, rather than volume ratio. If there is no accident, please do not change the mixing ratio at will.
2, stirring and potting to be uniform, maintain the same speed stirring and potting, as far as possible to reduce the appearance of air bubbles. When the mixing and potting are not uniform, directly affects the curing speed and effect.
3、Curing time should be in place, not blindly operate in order to catch up with the work schedule. According to the thickness of the adhesive layer to calculate the surface as well as deep curing time, do not be too hasty.
4, choose a high-quality adhesive, which helps to automatically eliminate air bubbles and does not affect the overall curing effect as much as possible.

Only when the sealant is thoroughly cured, various properties will have a chance to show. For users, they need to follow the correct steps. Give enough time for curing, after solving the problem of non-curing, in order to smoothly play other properties.

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