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Is it good to have a high viscosity potting adhesive? What matters should be noted in the construction of high viscosity adhesive?

Electrical appliances in the production process there is the use of potting glue, potting glue not only has a bonding performance, there is a good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion effect, good quality curing also has insulation properties, effective protection of electrical appliances using safety. Potting glue belongs to a liquid with fluidity.
Potting glue viscosity high in the end is good?
The viscosity of potting adhesive directly affects the speed of potting and the effect after potting. The slightly higher viscosity of the potting adhesive in the injection of the substrate when the liquidity is poor, if the construction environment temperature is high, the edge of the substrate parts have not yet completed the glue potting, the substrate in front of the glue has been cured reaction, the glue can not complete the conditioning of the substrate surface glue thickness, curing is easy to appear high and low phenomenon, and even the edge of the substrate parts can not complete a thorough potting.
Potting adhesive viscosity is high, even in the low-temperature environment construction, there are many disadvantages, although the low temperature can extend the construction time, after curing viscosity is relatively high, the performance is not guaranteed. Potting adhesive viscosity needs to be based on the product material, performance and use of the field, production process, blindly increase the viscosity of the glue will do more harm than good.
How to control the viscosity of potting adhesive?
Potting glue viscosity control needs to understand the product performance to buy the right potting glue, before buying a small test, after all, various brands of potting glue viscosity are different, the performance is guaranteed before buying large quantities.

Higher viscosity potting adhesive as long as suitable for use in the field will not have too much impact, the construction phase to grasp the construction considerations, understanding the glue curing and reaction time, reasonable control of the operation time, so that the construction can fully play the potting adhesive performance.

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