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Why does the sealant crack after curing? What are the common causes?

Nowadays, sealants are indispensable in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry. Sealants can effectively protect electrical components from water and moisture intrusion. The reason why this sealing material has good sealing performance is that it has adhesive properties and can be "tightly" bonded to the sealed substrate to protect the electrical components.
What does the sealant look like after use?
The sealant can follow the shape of the sealing surface, and it is not easy to flow during the injection process and flows gently into the substrate gap to achieve the purpose of full potting. After curing, the sealant is an elastic sealing body with a smooth surface, which can effectively isolate water, moisture, and chemical invasion.
Why will the sealant crack after curing?
1, sealant curing cracking phenomenon is not rare, most of them are related to the sealant quality.
2, compatibility, sealant cracking after curing, in addition to quality issues, need to consider compatibility, if the adhesive and the substrate is not compatible after the forced construction will appear cracking phenomenon. It is important to understand the compatibility of the substrate and the adhesive, if necessary, you can conduct a small test, which can be effectively avoided.
3, improper construction will also lead to cracking after curing sealant, sealant to seal the substrate surface requirements are extremely strict, the substrate surface is not clean of dust, moisture, and other impurities, the adhesive curing adhesive strength is not high, there will be cracking or degumming and other phenomena.

Cracking after curing sealant is a more serious situation, at this time has lost the value of sealing need to be reconstructed, not only waste the procurement budget will also affect the construction schedule. Whether it is manual construction or machine construction, you need to do a comprehensive inspection and testing before injecting glue, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of cracking after curing sealant.

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