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Can I still use the heat-conducting paste after the expiration date? Is there any effect of thermal conductivity?

Users engaged in the field of the electrical production industry should be familiar with thermal paste, thermal paste plays a vital role in the electrical manufacturing industry, electrical appliances without the use of thermal paste, long time use is easy to burn. Any electrical appliances that need heat dissipation can use thermal paste, how many users buy in large quantities, may I ask the thermal paste expired can still be used?
Can I still use thermal paste after its expiration date?
The thermal conductive paste is a chemical, and before it leaves the factory, it will indicate the production date, operation method, and storage precautions. The shelf life is very important, even if the thermal paste is sealed and not opened, the silicone oil in the paste will still evaporate, but not all thermal paste cannot be used after the shelf life.
Is there any effect on thermal conductivity when using expired thermal grease?
Once the thermal conductive paste expires, it is not recommended to use it in large quantity, especially the poor quality thermally conductive paste, if it is not expired, the oil separation will be serious after applying to the substrate, and in the process of storage, even if it is not opened, the oil separation will occur, in this case, if it is applied to the substrate again, it will only aggravate the oil separation, and even cause the wire short circuit.
Thermal conductive paste shelf life is relatively long, generally, 3 years, because it can only be used in the middle of the electrical heating body and radiator, and a one-time use is very small, it is recommended to buy a variety of packaging specifications products, according to the amount of use to choose.

Thermal grease is a good thermal grease, even if the high brand products in the use of the stage will appear silicone oil seepage, to prevent the wire short circuit, try not to use in the relay around the bare contact occasions.

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