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What is the method of applying thermally conductive silicone grease? Is it complicated? What does it do after application?

If you want to smooth out the gap between the metal surface and the CPU, you need to use thermal conductive silicone grease. If you can't find the pits with your eyes, take a look with a magnifying glass and you will see that these pits and packs directly affect the contact between the two and reduce the heat transfer efficiency. With the help of thermal conductive silicone grease, the thermal conductivity is enhanced.
What is the method of applying thermal conductive silicone grease?
When applying thermal conductive silicone grease, you must pay attention to the dosage. It is not the case that the larger the dosage is, the better the filling effect is. When the amount is too much, it is like wrapping a thick layer of the quilt, which will not only fail to improve the heat dissipation effect but also be counterproductive. The application process, the amount of as little as possible. Generally speaking, the size of a soybean grain can be, using a scraper to scrape it flat and pressed several times. With a small amount, you can achieve a good heat dissipation effect and reduce waste, killing two birds with one stone.
What do I need to pay attention to when applying thermal grease?
Some users pursue a near-perfect application method and spend a lot of time and effort. There is no need to pursue perfection, and there is no real perfect application method. So far, there is no unified application method, how convenient it is. Some users are used to applying by hand, some are used to using a squeegee, and some are used to using a squeeze method to apply. Regardless of which application method you choose, a light coating is sufficient.
What is the effect of applying thermal grease?

After successful application, the thermal grease will not be cured and can be directly installed on other parts and put into use. It is very useful because it is waterproof, temperature resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

There is no single way to apply thermal conductive silicone grease, but remember not to apply too much. As far as possible to make the adhesive layer lighter and thinner, will fill the pits and pits smooth, play thermal conductivity, and other performance, no worries.

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