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Can the color of silicone potting adhesive be mixed at will?

Silicone potting adhesives are used in the manufacturing process of household appliances or industrial equipment. Silicone potting adhesives are used to protect electrical components from water and moisture intrusion. A variety of colors of silicone potting adhesives can meet the needs of different fields, so is the color of all silicone potting adhesives can be adjusted at will?
The color adjustment of silicone potting adhesives is based on the situation. The 1:1 two-component silicone potting adhesive can be adjusted to gray, white, black, or other colors according to demand, and can be cured at room temperature or heated, and the curing time can be controlled at will. 10:1 silicone potting adhesive can also be adjusted in color, but can only be cured at room temperature and not heated.
The transparent potting adhesive also belongs to a kind of silicone potting adhesive, but the transparent potting adhesive is not suitable for heating curing, but can only be cured at room temperature. The appearance of the color is transparent, but also can not be changed at will. Some transparent potting adhesives have been used for many years, the color will appear slightly yellow, which is mainly due to ultraviolet radiation, which does not affect the performance of transparent potting adhesives.
According to the classification of resin-colored potting adhesive belongs to the addition of molding silica gel, this potting adhesive cured with deep curing characteristics, vulcanization money glue viscosity is low, convenient to pour into all corners of the electrical components. The solid content of high-quality silicone potting adhesives can reach 100%.
The transparent potting adhesive is only suitable for curing at room temperature can not be cured by heating, because of the low shrinkage during the curing process and the appearance of soft insulation elastic material after curing. This material has a high degree of transparency, after the failure of electrical appliances can be easily disassembled and repair equipment.

Not all potting adhesive can change color at will but the performance is not much different, whether black potting adhesive or transparent potting adhesive, after curing have insulation, waterproof, easy to peel, high and low-temperature change resistance performance. When buying silicone potting adhesive must be purchased to meet the requirements of environmental protection, only to achieve the level of environmental protection of silicone potting adhesive can be safely used in the production of household appliances.

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