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Is it necessary to do a small-scale test to buy sealant in large quantities?

The sealant is more common in the electrical products industry, the scope of use to protect the electrical components sealed in the bonding of the electrical parts and fixed, according to the field of use can be divided into one-component and two-component two. The sealant is not corrosive to metal and has no adverse effects on electrical appliances, so it can be purchased in large quantities and used in many ways.
Can sealant be purchased in large quantities?
1, sealant can be purchased in large quantities, the shelf life is relatively long, there are no strict requirements for storage conditions, according to the general chemical storage will not cause problems.
2, sealant bulk purchase price is more affordable. Generally, you need to negotiate the price with the manufacturer to buy large quantities, the more you buy, the better the price.
3, many types of sealants, different models of rubber performance differences, a one-time bulk purchase can be avoided after the curing of different batches of performance there is a slight difference, can guarantee the same batch of electrical sealing performance unity.
Do I need to do a small-scale test to buy sealant in large quantities?
Yes. Before buying sealants in bulk, a small-scale test is required to avoid deviations in performance between the cured sealant and the appliance. Each sealant has slight differences in adhesion, tensile strength, and water resistance after curing, so it is important to choose a sealant that suits the performance of the appliance.
There are many types and brands of sealants on the market, not all sealants can meet the requirements of the environmental level after curing, and the stability of the glue can meet the requirements of the industry standards for the manufacture of electrical appliances.

The sealant is a chemical agent, to ensure the safety of the construction workers, the site needs to maintain air circulation, which will help the odor emitted by the glue quickly dissipate.

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