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What are the advantages of silicone potting adhesives, no wonder they are widely used?

Silicone potting adhesive as a kind of potting adhesive, if carefully classified can be divided into several, each silicone potting adhesive is used in the field to play their respective performance, bearing an important "mission". Silicone potting adhesive is used in a wide range of fields, but its advantages cannot be ignored, the specific advantages are as follows.
1, Silicone potting adhesive on the construction of the substrate shape is not limited, and can even be used in a variety of odd-shaped circuit board, can also be used in a variety of lines in the complex lines, can play a protective performance, in the construction process can be fully potted, even if the small location will not miss.
2, Silicone potting adhesive in addition to good potting performance, after curing there is electrical insulation, to prevent electrical appliances in the use of the process of even electrical phenomenon, can be a larger range of protection of electrical components.
3、Organic silicon potting adhesive can also play the ozone and UV performance after curing, in a variety of environments can work normally, light-colored adhesive long-term resistance to UV invasion, there will be slight discoloration, but does not affect the use of the performance will not have any changes.
4、Organic silicon potting adhesive not only has good sealing performance after curing, but there has also been dismantling, electrical failure, you can easily disassemble the gel with the help of tools, replace the new components, filling new glue can ensure the normal use of electrical appliances.
5, Silicone potting adhesive in addition to a variety of excellent performance, the use of the stage of safety, no volatiles generated, no adverse effects on the human body, electrical appliances.

Silicone potting adhesive is a kind of potting adhesive, a variety of brands crowded into the market, the user in addition to considering the performance, environmental factors, but also need to consider the cost, generally, the bulk purchase can enjoy preferential discounts.

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