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What happens when a sealant fails to seal? Analysis of common causes

The sealant is a kind of glue that can change shape according to the shape of the sealing surface, this glue is very viscous, not easy to flow, good bonding performance after curing, the main raw material is asphalt material, natural rubber, and then add some plasticizer, curing agent, accelerator, etc. made. It can be used in electronic instruments and has a good waterproof performance after curing.
What is the sealing performance of sealant?
Depending on the type of seal, one-component sealants and two-component sealants can be used in precision electronic instruments. Whichever sealant is used, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, insulating, and isolating from external substances after curing.
What happens when a sealant fails to perform?
Sealant sealing performance failure is divided into a variety of situations such as sealant fracture, sealant viscosity is poor, the emergence of degumming, poor anti-aging ability a short shelf life, and other factors. Different factors lead to sealing performance failure with a variety of circumstances, the common cause is the sealant quality and operation process.
Poor sealant quality directly leads to sealant curing, gel fracture, or even degumming and other phenomena, resulting in water, moisture into the substrate, affecting the use of electrical appliances.
If the surface of the substrate is not clean, after pouring the sealant, the bonding performance will be directly reduced, and poor waterproof performance and reduced service life are common.

The sealant is a common adhesive in the field of electrical production, users in the purchase of reasonable products according to the field of use, especially two-component products must be deployed following the proportion of the adhesive, so that after curing can effectively protect the performance.

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