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Can silicone potting adhesives be cured by heat? Are there any disadvantages?

Silicone potting adhesives can meet the user's requirements for adhesive curing time, as long as the appropriate change in curing environment temperature, you can achieve the estimated curing time. As there are many different types of silicone potting adhesives, different types have certain requirements on curing methods and temperatures, so you need to check the instructions carefully before use.
Can all types of silicone potting adhesives be cured by heating?
No, there are one-component and two-component silicone potting adhesives. One-component silicone potting adhesives rely on the humidity of the air for the vulcanization reaction and can be cured at room temperature, so they cannot be cured by heating. Most two-component silicone potting adhesive can meet the heating and curing needs, in 80 degrees under the high temperature only need ten minutes to complete the overall curing, but generally speaking, is A: B = 1:1 silicone can only be heated curing.
Are there any disadvantages to heating and curing silicone potting adhesives?
As long as the silicone potting adhesive can be cured at room temperature, the heating environment temperature does not exceed 80 degrees will not affect the basic, once the heating temperature exceeds 80 degrees, the overall curing only takes a few minutes, the initial curing and complete curing is almost completed at the same time, the cured gel is easy to have residual bubbles.
In the higher temperature curing process, the glue will release a little heat, if the electrical components are poorly withstood, the stress within the glue will affect the electrical components, so even if it is a two-component silicone potting adhesive, you need to understand the composition, use methods and operating techniques before using, not blindly operate.

The two-component silicone potting adhesive is slightly viscous and has a certain fluidity, which allows it to penetrate all corners of the substrate during construction. It can be applied by hand or by machine.

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