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What are the characteristics of high-temperature-resistant potting adhesives?

Small viscosity, good fluidity
The viscosity of the adhesive is not large and flows directly into narrow gaps, reducing the consumption of materials.
Long operable time
Different types of adhesives have their operating times. If the operating time is short, it is easy to cause waste. The long operating time of high temperature resistant potting adhesives means that even manual pouring can be done easily and without waste.
No easy clogging
Some industries have a high demand and require the use of machines to pour. If you choose a good quality high temperature resistant potting compound, it will not get stuck or clogged, avoiding damage to the equipment.
Easy to use and store
When placed at room temperature, it can be stored for a long time. When exposed to high temperatures, it can be cured quickly and is suitable for use in automated production lines.
Non-corrosive, good elasticity
When the adhesive layer is formed, it protects the components from corrosion and does not corrode other materials. Good elasticity within a certain temperature range to reduce external influences.
Good resistance to high temperatures

As a high temperature resistant potting adhesive can be used in an environment from two or three hundred degrees to seven or eight hundred degrees and will not be easily affected by high temperatures.

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