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How does the sealant stick? Can it stick to things?

The sealant is a material that does not flow easily and is suitable for use in the LED and electronic apparatus sectors. After curing, it can be used for waterproofing, anti-vibration, and anti-leakage effects, effectively protecting electrical components from external substances and becoming an indispensable material for the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.
What about the adhesion of the sealant?
After curing, the sealant has a very good bonding, curing outside the state of the glue, touching the sticky, can change shape according to the shape of the sealing surface, bonding firm, water will not open glue. This type of glue will not bleed when hot and will not harden or crack when cold.
Can sealants stick to things?
The two-component sealant has good adhesion after curing and can be firmly bonded to the surface of the substrate without falling off. Although two-component sealants can stick to things, they are more suitable for sealing large areas of substrates and for use as a sealing material. If it is simply sticky stuff big material small use.
The one-component sealant is different from the two-component sealant, one-component sealant is more suitable for sticking things, mainly used also for the substrate parts bonding, fixed, such as electrical substrate bonding fixed, electrical shell bonding fixed, car lights bonding fixed, LED lights bonding fixed and so on.
One-component sealants and two-component sealants use different methods and areas of use, easy to distinguish. Whichever component sealant you buy must meet the requirements of the environmental level, only this type of product to ensure that the metal does not corrode, will not have an impact on the human body, the use phase will not release volatiles.

Not all sealant bonding is guaranteed, different fields of use have different requirements for the bonding strength, and products that do not meet the field of use are not unqualified products, you need to understand the substrate and the sealant before you buy each applicable index, buy both matching products can account for the superior performance of the line.

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