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Does the viscosity of a one-component sealant matter? Why is high viscosity popular?

Sealants are single-component and two-component, both products are different in terms of use or characteristics of the adhesive, single-component sealants can be constructed directly into the substrate, some brands are more viscous, some brands are more dilute, the viscosity of the adhesive is different and there are major differences in quality.
Does the viscosity of a one-component sealant matter?
Yes, it does. The viscosity of a one-component sealant is a criterion for differentiating the quality. A high viscosity adhesive has a high curing agent content, which guarantees a fast cure and curing time. Low viscosity adhesives with low curing agent content are not easy to cure and unsafe to use.
Why are high-viscosity one-component sealants more popular?
High viscosity one-component sealant squeezes out the paste state, this state is not easy to flow, easy to bond, fixed, in the curing process is not easy to cause the substrate displacement. Poor viscosity one-component sealant will flow after squeezing out, the glue is more dilute, it is difficult to fix the substrate, in the curing process is easy to flow caused by substrate pollution, leading to a series of adverse consequences.
Not all high viscosity one-component sealants are popular. In addition to being easy to work with, high viscosity sealants need to be environmentally friendly, insulating and have no adverse effects on metals, plastics, or the human body.

There are many types of sealant, single-component products are mainly used for bonding and fixing substrates, but can also be used for electrical housings, automotive lights bonding. If the gaps in the substrate are large, it is not recommended to use them and other products can be considered. The two-component sealant is more suitable for electrical components or electrical substrates as a whole and is suitable for use in substrates with a large sealing surface.

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