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Will the electronic potting glue storage stage will appear thermal expansion and contraction?


After curing, the electronic potting glue has good sealing performance, which can prevent water and moisture from entering, and also has good anti-corrosion performance, which protects the electronic components from external substances, because the glue shows a soft state after curing, the electrical appliances in the transportation, use process, even if there are fluctuations, collision, there is no loss of electrical components.

Electronic potting glue performance is very good, most users buy in bulk, in storage in the use of the stage is more concerned about whether the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction. In fact, if the storage environment is too hot, the glue will expand and shrink in the sealed container, so the storage environment is very demanding.

Once used in the substrate to achieve the curing reaction, all aspects of the performance area is stable, and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction does not generally occur.

There are many types of electronic potting adhesives, the common types are: thermally conductive potting adhesives, epoxy resin potting adhesives, silicone potting adhesives, polyurethane potting adhesives and LED potting adhesives. These different types of glue have obvious divisions in the field of use, when buying according to the performance required by the appliance to buy.

Electronic potting adhesives are available in a wide range of colours, including black, grey, white and red and transparent colours, which can be purchased according to the needs of the user. Transparent colours can turn slightly yellow during use, mostly due to UV exposure, and are not a quality issue. Other coloured adhesives may vary slightly in colour when purchased in bulk, this does not affect the use of the adhesive and will perform as one after curing.

Electronic potting adhesive is mainly used in electrical or electronic products, these areas have extremely high requirements for the safety of the adhesive, the purchase of large brands, to meet the environmental requirements in order to buy with confidence, use in various fields more at ease.


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