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Is there any value in using potting compound? What factors should be considered?


It is well known that potting adhesives have a wide range of uses and are mostly used in electronic and electrical-related industries. Depending on the actual needs of different industries, various types of adhesives have been developed, making them more valuable. A careful analysis shows that many factors affect the value of potting adhesives, so I wonder if you understand them?

Affected by quality

For various brands of potting adhesives, quality is everything. Once the quality of the adhesive is not qualified, it may not be able to achieve a variety of performance, so that the use of value is greatly reduced, or even lost value.

Affected by the operation process

When using potting adhesives, the operation process cannot be ignored. When the quality of the adhesive is guaranteed, it is necessary to follow the correct process to operate. There can be no irregularities, so as not to affect the normal curing. In particular, when dispensing and mixing adhesives, it is necessary to follow the requirements strictly. If you need to adjust the formula, you should inform the manufacturer of your actual needs and tailor-make an adhesive, not adjust it without permission.

Influenced by the industry of use

Different types of adhesives are used in different areas. This requires the user to find out in advance whether it is used for potting electrical components or potting circuit boards. Different types of adhesive have different removability and repairability after curing and need to be selected carefully.

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