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Is it better to work with silicone by hand or by machine? What do I need to pay attention to?


Is it better to work with silicone by hand or by machine? What do I need to pay attention to?

When using organic silicone, many users are more concerned about the construction of the problem, the main construction methods are manual construction and machine construction. As long as the use of reason, both have their advantages.

What are the benefits of manual silicone construction?

The manual construction of organic silicone is suitable for precise and small parts, which have a small amount of injection and limited space. A small dose of silicone can be used to facilitate the construction process and the speed of construction is no worse than that of a machine. The machine construction, however, is more wasteful as there is easily residual glue in the machine during the gluing process.

What are the benefits of machine construction?

When organic silicone is applied by machine, it is usually used in larger substrates where the substrates need to be lined up for gluing and the gluing speed is faster. As long as the machine is programmed correctly, there will be no mistakes in the amount and position of the gluing, and the curing effect will be similar to that of manual gluing. If a large batch of gluing larger substrates, it is recommended to use a machine, after all, manual handling is tedious and will increase labor costs and budget.

Organic silicone regardless of machine construction or manual construction, the following points should be noted:

1. Avoid waste. Need to choose the packaging specifications of organic silica gel according to the construction volume, in the later stages of construction, you can choose a small dose specification of organic silica gel, which can be the remaining amount, to avoid waste.

2, construction personnel pay attention to protection. Because organic silica gel contains alcohol, the construction process will emit an alcohol smell, to prevent the discomfort of construction workers, you can wear a protective mask on, construction site to maintain ventilation.

3, organic silica gel in the curing stage can not be moved, to avoid the bonding of parts appearing to shift, usually need 24 hours to cure, but to cure the performance of the best, need 7 days later.

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