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Are there any procedures for potting adhesives? What are the specific construction processes?


Are there any procedures for potting adhesives? What are the specific construction processes?

For users who do not know the correct operation of potting adhesives, the full performance of the adhesive cannot be brought into play. Sometimes it is not always the quality of the adhesive that fails to achieve the desired result, but it may be related to the operating procedures.

Are there many operating procedures for potting adhesives?

Different types of adhesives have the same operating procedures. Follow the correct method to pour, so that its performance can be played.

1Treat the base surface, clean up the rust, oil, and other impurities to increase the adhesion.

2Mix the ab agent and follow the same direction to mix. During the stirring process, try not to bring in air and keep a uniform speed.

3, according to the size of the gap to go evenly poured, if the first pouring effect is not good, wait for some time after the second pouring can be.

4After pouring, place in a quiet and safe environment for curing. To save time, the temperature can be increased to enhance the curing speed.

What are the specific construction processes?

1Configure the potting adhesive. The ab agent will be weighed and blended according to the proportions prompted by the instructions and mixed evenly. After the mixing starts, it should be used up within the operable time.

2Low pressure and low speed for pouring. If the construction area is not large, you can directly pour manually. If the construction area is large, the machine can be used for pouring.

Understand the specific operating procedures and processes of potting glue, and follow the instructions as far as possible. Do not alter the proportion of the glue if not necessary, as this will affect the later results if the proportion of the ab agent is not suitable. Besides, according to the specific needs of the amount to mix materials, avoid mixing too much at once, so as not to cause waste. After reasonable use, can play more performance, rest assured that the use.

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